5 Best Data Science Bootcamps in California

Data science is an excellent career path for those with a knack for solving problems and analyzing trends. As organizations and companies collect, clean, and categorize data, they need data scientists to help them turn this information into actionable insights.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for highly-skilled data science professionals is growing by 36% per year, a level of demand that is translating into six-figure salaries for entry-level positions. In California alone, there are more than 32,000 unfilled data science jobs, according to LinkedIn.

Looking to fast-track your data science career? Then you should definitely consider one of these five bootcamps.

Best Data Science Bootcamps in California

In addition to teaching essential skills, data science bootcamps provide hands-on learning, access to expert instructors, and industry mentorship. You can complete your bootcamp in less than a year, and a bootcamp is much, much cheaper than a college degree—not to mention faster. But not all bootcamps are created equal. Let's look at the five best data science bootcamps in California.

UMass Global

The UMass Global Online Data Science Bootcamp is an online program that allows you to work on your own time while studying a range of career-related coursework. Instructors have industry experience and offer their perspectives on the challenges of a data science job. The virtual training program also provides expert career coaching, weekly video calls with an industry mentor, and personal advisors to help you stay on track.


Course Report: 5.0

Niche: 4.5


  • One-on-one mentorship and instruction from professors with up-to-date industry experience.

  • Though there are prerequisites, such as in programming, students can access optional units to learn the basics.

  • In addition to small projects, you'll complete two hands-on capstone projects that will serve as the centerpiece of your professional portfolio.


Nine months, 15-20 hours per week


Full tuition is $9,900 if you pay upfront. There are financial options and scholarships available too.

UC San Diego Extended Studies

The Data Science and Visualization Boot Camp at the University of California San Diego Extended Studies is a student-focused, 100% online, part-time program offering interactive live classes three days a week. The industry-driven curriculum is hands-on, teaching data science fundamentals through projects with real-world examples that can be applied to the data science professional environment. From intermediate skills to advanced topics, you'll use lessons learned and data science tools to create a portfolio of projects for potential employers.


Course Report: 4.8

SwitchUp: 3.0

Bootcamp Rankings: 5.0


  • Interactive online live classes that can be viewed remotely

  • Part-time class schedule for greater flexibility

  • Comprehensive support through advisors, a peer network, and 1:1 mentorship with a skilled tutor.

  • Bootcamp students receive a dedicated career director who can help with resumes, mock interviews, LinkedIn, and a professional portfolio.


24 weeks



Caltech CTME

The Caltech CTME Data Science Bootcamp is a comprehensive, part-time program delivered in partnership with IBM and Simplilearn, an online bootcamp provider. It has a hybrid remote format with live and on-demand online courses that cover a wide range of topics like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and data visualization. Students learn through a mix of video lectures, hands-on projects, 24/7 student support, and real-world case studies in a 100% online setting that allows maximum schedule flexibility.


Course Report: 4.3

Switch Up: 4.6

Career Karma: 4.7


  • Bootcamp students will receive IBM certification badges for IBM course module completion

  • Personalized career services, like career coaching, resume guidance, and mentorship through Simplilearn

  • Global industry experts lead classes using industry-specific cases.

  • More than two dozen hands-on projects with integrated labs.

  • A certificate of completion from Caltech CTME, a leading science and engineering institute


Seven months




The DevMasters Data Science Bootcamp is a project-driven, machine-learning program, during which students will complete ten projects. With three days per week of dedicated class time, this full-time bootcamp teaches a wide range of in-demand data skills such as data acquisition and cleaning, deep learning, big data, and ethics in data science. 


Course Report: 4.8

Switch Up: 4.9


  • In-person and online training

  • Innovative AI-based learning platform

  • 100% hands-on learning

  • Real-world projects, immersive courses, and professional portfolio development opportunities

  • One-on-one career coaching, mock interviews, and resume assistance

  • Prerequisites can be completed before the program starts


Four months with 500 total hours of classwork.


$14,995, with financing options available


The Thinkful Data Science Bootcamp is a part-time bootcamp that helps students build a robust data science foundation, with a maximum commitment of 20 hours per week. The program does not require prior experience and its flexible format combines a comprehensive curriculum and expert mentorship. 


Course Report: 4.5

Switch Up: 4.6

Career Karma: 4.8


  • As a self-paced, part-time program, Thinkful offers flexibility to students who cannot attend a full-time bootcamp.

  • One-on-one mentorship and 24/7 peer-led support.

  • Personalized career coaching is available to aid with job placement after program completion.

  • Tuition deferment for qualifying students and a 30-day full refund policy.


6 Months at 25 hours per week


You can pay an upfront tuition fee of $9,500, or month-to-month for a total of $12,000. Some students may qualify for deferred tuition, where the loan is forgiven if they don't get a job within six months of program completion after exhausting career coaching options.

How Do You Choose a Data Science Bootcamp in California?

Data science bootcamps in California can vary in cost, depending on the length of the program, part-time versus full-time options, and quality. You also want to select accredited programs with a good reputation. Here are some factors to consider when researching which bootcamp is right for you.


The best data science bootcamps have a curriculum rooted in the data science method, teach core data science concepts and techniques through hands-on projects, and offer optional specialization units that increase your job-ready skills. You can research a bootcamp's curriculum online, check for in-demand skills and content, or compare coursework with industry experience from current data science job requirements.

Instructor Credibility and Expertise

Technology constantly evolves, so take advantage of data science bootcamps that hire instructors with direct industry experience and expertise. Unlike traditional college professors, these practitioners offer real-world guidance and support throughout the program and could provide future job recommendations. They have comprehensive knowledge of the day-to-day duties of a data scientist and can convey the challenges you will face in a data science career.

Price and Payment Options

Most data science bootcamps in California cost between $7,000 and $20,000; some even have payment options to help make online programs more affordable. Though a bootcamp is still much cheaper than a traditional university degree, you should still research each bootcamp carefully and weigh the cost versus your return on investment.

Hands-On Experience and Training

Because you’re packing a lot of knowledge into a short period of time, hands-on experience and targeted training are crucial to your post-bootcamp success. Experiential opportunities become more meaningful when applying coursework to real-world problems and getting instant feedback from industry mentors. 

Job Support

Luckily, bootcamps are becoming the norm, not the exception, for technology-based careers. If your goal is to be 100% job ready once you complete a part-time or full-time program, choose a data science bootcamp with the right mix of data science skills, hands-on learning, career coaching, and real-world data science projects.

Mode of Teaching and Time Commitment

Your schedule very may well dictate which data science bootcamp is best for you. A part-time bootcamp may be necessary if you have to work while learning to be a data scientist in a few short months. Your learning style is another consideration, as you may want a data science bootcamp with in-person classes rather than online or prerecorded lessons.

Reviews and Ratings

Data science bootcamp reviews can help you narrow down your choices. Success stories, potential pitfalls, or first-hand class experience from bootcamp graduates, parents, or those who have interacted with the admissions team or visited a school are valuable tools for selecting the best data science bootcamp in California.

Talk to Alumni if Possible

If you are leaning towards a particular data science bootcamp in California, try talking to some alumni. This gives you a direct glimpse into how the program will unfold and, more importantly, insight into what to expect upon program completion. Their career success can give you a better understanding of your job potential.

Making the Most of Your Data Science Bootcamp

Still trying to decide which data science bootcamp is best for you? Not to worry! Here are the answers to common questions about data science bootcamps, including what to expect from day one.

How Do Data Science Bootcamps Work?

The best data science bootcamps in California focus on data science theory and hands-on practice. You'll gain practical experience through classes in foundational concepts, tools, and techniques while working on projects that mimic real-world problem-solving. Bootcamps are meant to be immersive and unique in their approach to the curriculum, mentorship opportunities, flexible timelines, and career support services.

Are There Any Prerequisites for a Data Science Bootcamp?

Data science bootcamps may require practical knowledge or basic skills, such as proficiency in math and fluency in English. Some online bootcamps, like UMass Global's Online Data Science Bootcamp, require programming experience prior to the application process, but you can take classes in those essential subjects if you don’t already know them. Most bootcamps list their prerequisites on their website, and if in doubt, contact an admissions advisor.

What Should You Expect To Learn in a Data Science Bootcamp?

While the curriculum is specific to each program, there are data science fundamentals taught in every data science bootcamp. Below are technical skills, specialized skills, and soft skills you can expect to master:

  • Data Analysis. Every data science career involves collecting, cleaning, or organizing data.

  • Data Visualization. You'll learn to create charts, graphics, and other visual elements to demonstrate data insights.

  • Machine Learning. You’ll use machine learning techniques to create algorithms and train computers to make predictions.

  • Programming and Natural Language Processing. You'll master coding languages like Python, R, and SQL.

  • Problem-Solving. You'll learn to identify and solve problems with data and find solutions for positive and constructive interaction with team members. 

  • Communication. You must be able to communicate your findings to technical and non-technical people and effectively instruct team members throughout data collection and analysis.

  • Teamwork. This soft skill is crucial for success as a collaborator and team member.

What Are the Next Steps After a Data Science Bootcamp?

Once you’ve finished your bootcamp, then it’s time to start your job search, especially if the data science bootcamp you chose does not offer career coaching or provide immediate job placement. Research by Randstad USA found that it takes candidates an average of five months to land a job. While searching for a job, look for learning opportunities to increase your skills through webinars or online classes.

Data Science Job Market and Outlook in California

Silicon Valley is known for technology jobs, but plenty of non-tech companies in California need data scientists too. According to LinkedIn, California has the highest concentration of available data science jobs of any state in the country, outranking both Texas and New York. They range from entry-level positions to senior data scientists and engineers, with Indeed listing an average annual salary of $146,175. Here’s a sampling of job postings you’ll find in major cities throughout California.

Palo Alto

San Diego

San Francisco

Los Angeles

Resources To Find Data Science Jobs in California

You’ve completed your data science bootcamp. Now what? We’ve put together tried and true steps to help shorten the job hunt and get your CV or professional portfolio in the hands of hiring managers in California.

Job Boards

Online job boards, like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, make up 50% of all job searches. Companies also post jobs on their websites under their career tab. There are even data science job boards that make it easier for job-seekers to find each other. Top data science-specific job boards that let you search for open positions in California include ai-jobs.net, Big Data Jobs, and Data Elixir.

Networking and LinkedIn

Did you know that 85% of jobs filled happen through networking? Build a professional network with people in the business, prospective employers, and mentors to build relationships through shared interests, people, or employment. Consider attending hiring events throughout California, joining in-person and online data science communities, or making professional connections through sites like LinkedIn. Nurturing relationships can lead to recommendations, upskilling, and give you a leg up on the competition.

Online and Slack Communities

You can also find a data science job in California by engaging in online communities like Reddit, Tableau, and Dataquest. Not only are these excellent networking opportunities. They also provide insight into emerging technology and present learning opportunities to grow your skills. Most people use Slack to communicate with team members, but Slack has a feature that allows you to search for hundreds of public communities. You can connect with other members of these Slack communities and get information on job openings, company culture, and more.

FAQs About Data Science Bootcamps

 We’ve got the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Are Data Science Bootcamps Worth the Money and Time?

If a data science bootcamp fits your career goal, then it’s probably worth the time and money. Most bootcamps are designed to get you job-ready in a year or less, and usually cost less than half of what college tuition does. In a data science bootcamp, you’ll learn core skills, get hands-on experience and job-specific training, and have access to people already working in the field. The best data science bootcamps in California go one step further, offering career coaching to help you land a job right after completion.

Can a Non-IT Person Learn Data Science?

Absolutely! A non-IT person can learn data science if they have a mind for math, statistics, and analysis. These are essential for any data science role. Some data science bootcamps in California have prerequisites, like practical knowledge of programming languages. Others may offer the opportunity to learn basic technical skills before jumping straight into the curriculum.

What Is the Difference Between a Master’s and a Bootcamp in Data Science?

A Master's in data science takes one to three years to complete and costs tens of thousands of dollars. You can complete a data science bootcamp, like the UMass Global Online Data Science Bootcamp in California, in nine months and pay only $12,000. A Master's degree involves more theory-based research, but both will help you master the soft skills, specialized skills, and data science fundamentals required by hiring managers in California.

Which Is Better: A Data Science Bootcamp or a University Data Science Certificate?

Deciding whether a data science bootcamp or a university data science certificate is better may come down to how much time and money you want to invest in learning data science. A bootcamp is less expensive than a university certificate and is a condensed form of learning designed to teach you vital data science skills and get you job ready in less than a year. A university degree in data science is a multi-subject learning experience that takes two to four years to complete.

Is Data Science a High-Paying Career in California?

Yes. Data science is a high-paying, six-figure job in California. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for California jobs is $73,220. A senior data scientist in San Jose can make $195,305, almost triple the state's average annual salary!