Top 5 Data Analytics Bootcamps in California [2023 List]

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 40,500 new jobs in data will be hitting the market before 2031. When you consider this, and the lucrative salaries that come with a career in data, it’s safe to say that there’s never been a better time to start your data analytics education.

One of the most effective ways to learn data analytics skills is through a bootcamp—a specialized and intensive course designed to train beginner-level students in a new set of skills and prepare them for a job as a data analyst. There are many different bootcamps to choose from in California, so we’ve put together a list of our top five.

What Is a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

Data analytics bootcamps are immersive educational courses that help you upskill or start a new career. They cover the essential skills needed to collect, clean, and analyze big data, and also cover how to use visualization tools to present the results. Here are some of the main topics you’ll see covered in a data analytics bootcamp:

  • Microsoft Excel 

  • Python

  • JavasScript 

Bootcamps often come with two scheduling options: full-time and part-time. Full-time courses are typically 6-12 weeks long and have intense weekday schedules, with up to eight hours of classes per day plus homework. They’re usually aimed at fresh graduates or professionals who can leave their jobs in order to prepare for their next career.

Part-time courses, however, are designed for people who will continue to work while they study. Some still involve live classes that take place in the evenings or on weekends, while others take a more self-paced approach. You can find part-time bootcamps that recommend as little as five hours of study per week and others that require as much as 20-25 hours.

The Top Data Analytics Bootcamps in California

Here are our top picks for data analytics bootcamps and courses in California.

University of Massachusetts Global

The Online Data Analytics Bootcamp with UMass Global offers students a self-paced and accessible curriculum, combined with a range of personalized support. The bootcamp is teaching students a range of topics, including Python, SQL, data storytelling, statistical inference, and machine learning. Toward the end of the course, students can choose between three specialization tracks: the business insider track, the generalist track, and the advanced machine learning track.

Throughout their studies, students will have access to a student advisor, weekly calls with an industry mentor, unlimited calls with technical mentors, and a personal career coach.


5/5 (Course Report)


  • 100% online

  • Specializations available

  • One-on-one mentorship


Nine months



General Assembly

General Assembly is one of the oldest and most popular bootcamp providers, which gives them the benefit of a varied set of hiring partners. Standout graduates are put in direct contact with these companies, increasing their chances of getting hired quicker.

General Assembly’s Data Science Immersive begins with 12 hours of online data analytics tutorials, and then dives into the main curriculum, which is delivered through eight hours of live classes and activities every weekday. The bootcamp describes itself as being an “intermediate” level course, and recommends that students have a strong mathematical foundation and prior experience with Python.


4.3/5 (Course Report)


  • In-person and online options available

  • 19,000 hiring partners

  • Career support


12 weeks




Datacamp is an independent learning platform that gives students access to a range of courses and resources for a monthly fee. Their Data Scientist with Python Career Track course groups all of the necessary modules that a beginner needs to equip themselves with the essential data scientist skills.

While Datacamp does offer recruiting services that can help graduates land a job, it doesn’t offer traditional career services. Students have complete freedom in their study schedule and can take as long as they want to get through the content. The low monthly subscription fee makes it easy for anyone to sign up and get started.

Despite the independent nature of the course, students still complete project-based assessments and receive personalized feedback on their efforts.


4.2/5 (Course Report)


  • Completely self-paced

  • 100% online

  • Subscription payment 

  • Project-based


90 hours


£25 per month


Dataquest is another self-paced learning platform that offers a Data Scientist Career Path. Students usually complete the 160 hours of content in around eight months by studying just a few hours a week. The industry-driven curriculum teaches many of the skills needed to analyze data, including Python and libraries like scikit-learn, Matplotlib, NumPy, and pandas.

The courses also include a range of career resources to help students learn more about the data science industry and the job market.


4.79/5 (Course Report)


  • Self-paced and online

  • Beginner friendly 

  • Career resources


8 months


$25 per month


The Data Science Foundations Skill Path from Codecademy is perfect for newcomers to both data and programming. The course covers Python foundations, databases and SQL, and data analytics and visualization tools.

Codecademy provides personalized feedback on assessments completed on its interactive coding platform. Their course is designed both for workers who want to upskill, and those looking to start a new career.


3.22/5 (Switchup)


  • Beginner friendly 

  • Online interactive platform

  • Assessments


16 weeks


$29.99 per month

What Makes a Good Data Analytics Bootcamp?

Because data analysis bootcamps are geared toward training you for a specific career, it’s very important that the curriculum be project-based. That way, you’ll graduate with practical experience instead of just theoretical knowledge, which will help you after you’ve landed your first role.

Another way a bootcamp can help you kickstart a career is with career services. These can include resources, workshops, and one-on-one coaching. The goal is to help you learn more about the data analytics industry, what recruiters look for on a resume, and how to pass technical interviews.

In terms of actual subject matter, the two things an analytics bootcamp should cover are data analysis (of course) and data visualization. Data analysis allows you to cull answers from unruly data, and visualization allows you to present your findings to other people. Together, these specialized skills help you advocate for data-driven decisions and push your company forward.

Another bootcamp feature to look out for is community and cohorts. While self-paced learning is great for busy individuals, studying with a tightly knit cohort can really enhance the bootcamp experience. It also partly simulates the feeling of working and collaborating with colleagues, which can help you get a head start with developing soft skills like teamwork and problem-solving.

A quality bootcamp will give you the foundations you need to succeed in an entry-level position, while also introducing you to more advanced fields that you can specialize in after graduation. This includes skills like intermediate Excel, Tableau, machine learning, and deep learning.

FAQs About Data Analysis Bootcamps

Here are some of the most common questions people have about data analysis bootcamps.

Can You Get a Job With Just a Bootcamp?

Absolutely. But you’ll need to be able to evince your skills with portfolio projects. And it doesn’t hurt to have freelance work, open-source work, or an internship under your belt.

Do Companies Hire Bootcamp Grads?

Yes! Many bootcamp providers even partner with companies or offer recruiting services to match new graduates with open positions. You can also see examples of companies that have hired graduates on bootcamp provider websites. Companies are more likely to hire bootcamp graduates now, given that the demand for data analysts is so high.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Data Analysis?

Bootcamps can teach you enough data analysis skills in around 4-10 months (depending on your schedule) to qualify you for an entry-level job. Once you’ve graduated, it’s essential that you continue your learning journey to grow as a professional and stay in the competition.

Starting Your Learning Journey

Choosing a bootcamp that matches your learning style and fits your schedule is the best way to kickstart your new career. With UMass Global’s Data Analytics Bootcamp, you can have the best of both worlds—a self-paced schedule with unlimited personalized support.