Learn on your own time

All of our bootcamp students learn 100% online, on their own time. You don’t need to put your personal life or your job on hold in order to complete our bootcamps. As you complete course content, a progress bar keeps you posted on how much you’ve completed, and how much you have left. Our curriculum is broken into modules, all with time estimates, so that you can plan your learning into your schedule, and not the other way around. 

Build technical skills and practical experience

Our goal is for you to complete your bootcamp as job ready as possible. That’s why we’ve built our curriculum with the guidance of industry experts, and with the feedback from hiring managers. You can be sure that your time is being focused on the skills that are most important for career success. During the bootcamp, you will take these new skills and translate them into real-world, hands-on projects which can be shared with hiring managers.

Software Engineering Bootcamp

In our Software Engineering Bootcamp, you’ll develop a custom capstone created with the tech stack of your choice, among other portfolio projects with tools like Jobly and Warbler.

Cyber Security Bootcamp

In our Cyber Security Bootcamp, you’ll complete over 30 technical labs and over 30 projects, including a mentor-guided capstone project, where you’ll complete a penetration test of a fictional company.

Data Analytics Bootcamp

In our Data Analytics Bootcamp, you’ll complete 20+ hands-on mini-projects and a capstone project, where you’ll choose a data set from an industry that interests you, analyze the data, and provide business recommendations that can help shape the organizations’ financial or strategic drivers.

Data Science Bootcamp

In our Data Science Bootcamp, you’ll complete two capstone projects:

Guided capstone: Build your foundational understanding by working through each step of the Data Science Method. You’ll apply this knowledge during the second capstone, which takes place later in the bootcamp. 

Second capstone: Create a project proposal, find and wrangle data, use exploratory analysis, create a training data set, create a working model, and then document and present your work. 

Be supported every step of the way

As a student, you’ll have personalized, human support throughout your bootcamp, including a 1-on-1 industry mentor, a student success manager, and career coach. They'll assist you in defining your objectives and working toward them as you progress through the program.

Your industry mentor is one of the most important aspects of your bootcamp experience. Each student is matched with a mentor who can uniquely support their individual bootcamp and professional goals. We hire only the best industry experts who work for top companies through a rigorous application process. In fact, only one out of every twelve mentor applicants are hired. Our process includes: 

  • Technical expertise screen: Confirm that job candidates have the appropriate educational and professional credentials, as well as portfolios and published work to demonstrate their technical competence. 

  • Video interview: We're looking for mentors who are enthusiastic, empathetic, and communicative in order to provide the best experience possible to our bootcamp students.

  • Training and guidance: If mentors pass both the technical knowledge and video interview, they will be given further tools to develop their mentoring abilities. 

Through this process, you’re connected with an industry mentor who can support your bootcamp progression through 1-on-1, weekly conversations. 

The Value of Mentorship
Peter Nsaka
Software Engineer
Jay James
Cyber Security Operations Lead
Rahul Sagrolikar
Data Science Lead
Mohit Bhatia
Program Manager - Analytics

Prepare for career progression

Optional career services, such as a personal career counselor, are available to students who wish to take advantage of them. There are numerous strategies that your career coach can assist you with whether you're looking to make a complete shift in your field or just brush up on some abilities:

  • Create a job search plan and evaluate which positions or businesses are the best fit for you.

  • Improve your resume to distinguish yourself from other applicants

  • Complete mock interviews

  • Negotiate the best compensation package

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